Productes – descripció part 3

Maria, Tara’s dress was beyond beautiful!!! I didn’t see it until she was walking g down the aisle. I was completely blown away! You did such a fabulous job! I could not be happier, and our wedding was that much more beautiful because of the work that you put in to make that dress. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.

Tommy Cooper
The dress is even prettier in person!! So elegant and beautiful & well made! It is by far the most gorgeous wedding dress I’ve ever seen & it fits me wonderfully ? I am so Greatful for you and I thank you for taking the time to design this for me. You are truly amazing!!!
Many thanks & LOVE ❤❤❤
Tara Miller - custom wedding dress

“Another AMAZING item from Maria! Such quality work and great customer service! Thank you so much!”

Nicole fringe skirtig
Jill MacMichael - Nicole Fringe skirt

“Adorable dress! Maria is very friendly and helpeful. High quality work! Fits perfect and I feel like a Princess in my new dress?”

Susan dress green canvas
Carola Hoyer - Susan dress canvas

“I really love this dress! It’s absolutely stunning and made my wedding day perfect. Thanks so much❤️”

Lisa dress
Saori Izumi - Lisa Fringe gown

“Fits like a glove! Perfection! ❤️❤️❤️”

Sabine jumpsuit 4
Rachel Gardea - Sabine jumpsuit

“amazing!!! thank you so much!! xo, KvD”

Kat Von D - Petal Bust top
I think I’m the happyest Girl today?
Arrived just in time and looks amazing? i feel Like a princess.
Thank you thank you thank you sooo much!!!
I will make a picture in the Festival for you. Next week i will make a good review on Etsy?
Thank you again an I will have a Drink on you this Weekend???
Susan dress Carolaig
Carola Hoyer - Susan dress - corduroy

“Maria is an absolute genius!!! She can take ideas and bring them to life for you!!! The garments are of the highest quality and are drop-dead gorgeous! Thank you again, Maria! I love it and will be back! “

Sarah jumpsuit
Brianna Mitcham - Sarah jumpsuit

The Dress arrives today. I’m breathless??? so beatyful??
Thank you thank you so much!!!
But so sad…I’m a little ill and can’t go Out this Weekend??
But in 1,5 weeks i went to croatia at the tear it up Festival an I will love to wear my both Dress ?
Of course I will send you a picture when im dressed in Style ?
Kind regards Carola

Carola Hoyer - Mexican Handpainted dress
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