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Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions.

Here’s something that I think will help us both. We all have busy lifes nowadays, and little time to spend. On this page you’ll get the answers to our most commonly asked questions in no time so you can get back to your life -or back to exploring your favourite Aguyé styles ? -, and we can focus on making them. What’s not to love?

Our garments

  • Our strapless garments are fully supportive. Also, they don’t slip and you don’t need to pull them up. Never.

    The inner structure of our garments is built up on the lining of the top, which is a sturdy cotton. We build several kinds of interlining on it as well as boning at the front (center of bust), sides and back. Depending on the customer’s size, we put one or two stripes of boning at the back (to smooth all the surface), and at the center front we put either a thicker boning, or two stripes of boning (next to one another), or both. This also depends on the cup size.
    As it’s a custom-made garment, we adapt it to the person’s needs, to make sure the result will be the best.

    Some of our bridal or evening gowns have a slightly different structure,, but the result is equally (or even more) supportive.

  • Due to the bust construction and interlinings explained on the question above (see ‘how supportive they are’), the bust has a beautiful shape on its own, and this is a key feature of our garments. They are flattering.

    This is even more important with fringe garments, as fringe tends to disguise the body shape quite a bit, so building up a defined and beautiful bust shape and neckline is key.

  • Our garments close with a metal zipper up the back and these are quite sturdy and allow for a subtle waist trimming, but it is not a corset and it’s not meant to reduce the waist as much as a corset does.

  • Yes, we can absolutely add straps to your Aguyé garment. We usually make them removable (with hooks and buttons), so you’ll be able to wear your dress with straps or strapless.
    They can also be two regular straps or one halter strap, or other strap styles.

    Simply add them to your cart and we’ll add them to your dress.

  • We love doing custom orders, so yes, your dress can be fully customized to suit your needs, or you can work with Maria on the design of your dress.
    Let us know your idea and we’ll be on it!

  • Our handpainted garments can all be handwashed in lukewarm water and mild soap, best turned inside out, and avoiding much rubbing.

    We use a special paint for fabrics that is heatset and it won’t come off easily (we have tested it and paint didn’t come off at all), but these washing tips will help maintain your handpainted garments in like new condition for as long as possible.

  • Our garments are handmade, and that means patterns are made for each customer, and each garment is individually cut, sewn, finished and shipped.

    But that also means the designs are thoughtful, the patterns are flattering and the quality is outstanding, so definitely garments to love and to keep. They are an investment.

    If you are already used to quality garments, you will love ours.

    If you are not, you’ll love them even more.
    We offer instalment payments, check the Payments page for more info.

Made to measure

  • It means that we don’t keep a stock.
    It also means that every garment is custom-tailored to the customers own and unique measurements.

    We humans don’t come in sizes. They are an industry convention that allow for industrial mass-production. Some styles allow for that: loose-fitting garments are perfect for being made in sizes, which have the benefit of being cheaper.

    But our styles are fitted, which means that they need to follow the body’s curves and volumes to look good.

    During my career as a fashion designer and dressmaker, I’ve measured hundreds of men and women, and here’s one thing: each and every one of us has her own shapes and proportions. No two persons are alike. Literally.

    The reason why our garments fit so well is that they are truly made to your measurements. I can guarantee you that the experience of wearing a made-to-measure garment is a whole new level of quality, comfort and beauty.

  • One of the most recurring comments our customers make when they receive their garment is how surprised they are that the garment fits perfect without fittings. Yes our fit is really good. Maria is a masterful and experienced patter-maker and her pattern-making system is extremely effective.

    Very very few garments need alterations (about 2%), and these are mostly jumpsuits which are more difficult to fit well without fittings.

    We ask the customers to take themself a quite extense set of measurements, so we have a lot of information to work with, and we check those measurements to see if they make sense. In case there’s something that doesn’t, we ask the customer to retake that measurement.

    Also, over the years we’ve implemented ‘checking systems’ to prevent and detect possible mistakes (that we can all have as we are humans) at an early stage, so when the garment is finished and packed,  it has been measured a few times and it’s sure it measures what it should.

    All of the above said, it still can happen that your garment is one of the 2% that needs an alteration, so we recommend ordering enough in advance to have the time for it.
    Even then, we build up and sew our garments in a way that makes for the easiest alterations possible, and every garment can be altered to fit.

  • If you receive your Aguyé garment and it doesn’t fit, please let us know inmediately.

    Even though our garments fit perfect almost every time, it may happen that a garment doesn’t fit. It is very uncommon, but possible. If it happens, this is what we will do:

    1. First, we will determine what fitting issues need to be solved, by making an online fitting (over Skype or hangouts) orwith pictures.
    2. Once we know which the fitting issues are, we can do two different things to solve them:
    3. Either the customer has the garment locally altered
    4. Or she ships the garment to us, we alter it, and we ship it back to her.
      Choosing one option or the other will depend not only on your personal preference or on money reasons, but also on the kind of alteration required. If it’s too complicated it’s better that we take care of it, while if it’s an easy one it can be made by a good local seamstress.
    5. And finally, we will update your records and patterns so they are ready for your next order to fit perfect from the start.

    Who is responsible for what?

    If the reason for the garment not fitting is because of the Client (either she took her measurements wrong, or she gained or lost weight without letting us know), the cost of the alteration and the shipping costs back and forth (in case we are doing the alteration) is on her.

    If the reason for the garment not fitting is because of us, the cost of the alteration and the shipping costs back and forth (in case we are doing the alteration) is on us.

Ordering / Purchasing

    1. All our garments are made exclusively for you when you place your order.
    2. Once you order is placed we’ll send you a confirmation email with instructions on how to take your measurements. It is easy and fun, and we have a fail-proof webpage to help you with it.
    3. Then your order will be on production. It’s now time for us to buy materials, make custom patterns and individually cut, sew and finish your garment.
    4. 4 weeks after the order date your garment will be ready to ship.
    5. You will receive an email with the tracking info for your order, so you can track your package at all times.
    6. A few days later you will receive your Aguyé garment, ready to wear and to enjoy.
    1. All our garments are made exclusively for you when you place your order.
    2. If you chose your order to be made with fittings at the studio, we’ll get in touch to set up your first appointment.
    3. On that first appointment, we’ll take your measurements and will discuss all details about your dress.
    4. Then your order will be on production. It’s now time for us to buy materials, make custom patterns and individually cut and sew your garment.
    5. Depending on the style, we will do one or more fittings, to make sure both the fit and the style are the perfect ones for you.
    6. 8 weeks after the order date your Aguyé garment will be finished and ready for you to enjoy it.
  • You can choose whether you’d like your order to be 100% online, or you’d prefer to come to the studio and have fittings.

    Most garments can be made online. They will be made, finished and shipped to you, and they will fit (see FAQ ‘Will it fit me’ under the ‘Our garments’ section).

    More elaborated garments, like wedding dresses or long gowns with sleeves, can also be made straight away and the fit will be very good, but fittings allow for more precise fit details, they allow for perfection.

    So what’s the use of fittings?

    They allow for fine-tune fit customization on-the-go, like how much of a cleavage you’d like your dress to have, or the exact skirt length you want.

    But also, they allow your garment to be a work-in-progress: with each fitting you (and I) can see how the garment is turning on you, and sometimes we decide to change something.

    Some women have a clear idea of the dress they want, and can visualize how it will look on them. They are usually right, and they love their dress when they receive it.

    But for all the others, fittings are perfect because they allow you to see how your dress will  look on you when it is not yet finished and permits to change the style, to add or substract elements and to change things like the neckline shape or hemline length.

  • Find all the information about production and shipping times on our Shipping page.

  • This is the process you need to follow:
    – Once you have added your garments to the cart, you just need to proceed through checkout. While there, the system will ask for your  shipping address, name, etc and a password to create your account.

    – Then you’ll choose your payment method and will proceed and do payment.
    – Once payment done, your account will be already created, automatically, and you will receive one email with the confirmation for your order, and another one with the confirmation for your account.
  • Accounts are automatically created during checkout, on the customer’s first order. So you don’t have to create an account prior to placing an order.

    You can also create yourself an account (this is useful if you’d like to save your wishlist) on the My account page.

    Once you have an account, you can access it by following the ‘My account’ link on the top right corner of every page.

The Studio

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