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Do you dream of your ideal wedding dress? Maria Aguyé makes your dream come true.

Perhaps it doesn’t have a defined design yet, or maybe you already know every single detail of it. But you do know how you want it to be: a dress that makes you the most beautiful, magical and special bride, that matches your essence and that fascinates your guests. One that fits into the kind of wedding you are dreaming of. And, most of all, one that is an expression of your own personality, taste and essence. A dress that celebrates who you are.

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I want to express my gratitude to my wedding dress fashion designer Maria Aguyé Barber
I had a vision of exactly what I wanted and did rough sketches based on a dress Jayne Mansfield wore in the 1950’s. By fate, I found Maria online who specializes in 50’s style fashion and custom garments. I sent her my measurements, she sent me multiple fabric, lace & trim samples, we skyped, messaged, sent pics, etc.. & worked together & in the end she created the perfect look The quality, her design, attention to detail, and her skills as a seamstress were beyond my expectations. The dress was so well made with boning and tailored to fit without alterations needed. I took a huge risk, many people thought I was crazy to do so by never meeting her in person or physically trying it on but I knew my dress just wasn’t going to be at a local bridal shop. I am amazed by the beautiful gift she has given me and although we haven’t met yet, Maria means the world to me (And Tommy was blown away too) So thank you Maria from the bottom of my heart
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A dress made to your body measurements and to your soul desires.

Maria is an expert at perceiving and understanding the taste, style and true nature of each bride-to-be. And at going one step further: understanding how the dress that enables you to feel genuinely yourself –but better– on such a key day needs to be.

What do you want to transmit? How do you want to feel? The dress you’ll wear on your wedding day must walk you, it must be 100% like yourself, and at the same time it needs to match the new person you are about to become: the one who initiates her marriage. It must enable you to enter this new stage in your life calmly, beautifully and happily.

Ordering your wedding dress with Maria is a magical experience. Is finding the focus and clarity to celebrate what makes you unique, your essence an personality, and bring it all to life into the dress you will love to wear on your wedding day.

Let Maria walk your steps towards your perfect wedding dress. It’s time for you to shine.

No matter if you are at the other side of the world from us.

You can order one of our wedding dresses even without visiting Barcelona. We will do apointments over Skype, where Maria will help you create your perfect wedding dress. Upon ordering, you will be asked to take a very complete set of body measurements, which will allow us to get a perfect fit without any phisical fittings. 

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How does it work?

First thing we’ll do is meeting up. It can be at the studio or, thanks to technology, it can be a virtual appointment over Skype. You choose.

On our evaluation appointment, you will let me know in detail what are your ideas for your dress, we will solve all your questions, we will outline some general style ideas and I will detail to you how the making process of your dress will be. This is a filter that ensures that you are hiring the right option for your dress, that I am the right person to create it and that we both will be satisfied when it’s made.

If you decide to go ahead, we will set up our first design appointment and at this point you will need to hire the design of your wedding dress.

The cost of the design of your dress will be later deducted from the total cost of the dress, so it will actually work as a downpayment.

How much does it cost?

The price for designing your wedding dress is 180€ +VAT (217,80€ VAT included)* and this payment will go towards the total cost of your dress.

Final price for your dress will vary depending on its design, but as a rough reference, we have made wedding dresses for as little as 800€ up to 3000€, and they are most usually around 1500-2000€. On our evaluation appointment you will let me know what your budget is and I will always adapt to it on the designs I propose.

*VAT applies only to customers in Europe

Set up your appointment

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