50s Collection

Fall in love (all over again) with the feminine silhouettes, the flattering cuts and the designs full of fantasy, freshness and elegance from the 50s.

Do you like the mid-century fashion? Whether you are a collector and expert in the american fashion from the 50s and 40s, or if you just discovered it on our website, we hope you will fall in love with it as much as we did.

Our philosophy about the 50s is clear: we like them just like they are. That’s why our designs, the patterns we use and our construction techniques are absolutely true to the era. And even though, and at the same time, they are perfect to be worn at the XXI century, by women and men of the XXI century.

What makes our garments special? All of them with no exception give you a stunning figure. This is thanks to the intelligent pattern-making, the thoughtful construction and the unique design of Maria. That’s why our clients always come back for more. How could you resist to look beautiful, flattered and stylish?

Our garments have spread worldwide: you have probably seen them on weekenders, weddings and parties all over Europe, America, Australia and Japan, on attendees and on stage alike.

Maybe the most well-known may be our fringe dresses and our handpainted dresses and jumpsuits, but we were also pioneers in reproducing and creating many other styles in the 50s and 40s style. Like for instance, the Sarah jumpsuit, one of our signature garments. Or our Cutaway range, or the Anabel and the Anita designs, and the list goes on.

Ordering a garment of the 50s collection empowers you and makes you feel beautiful and special all over again. Whether you choose one of our styles in your favourite colour, or if you prefer to work with Maria on a special design for you, here you will find exactly what you need to get on with it and order the garment that will make you feel beautiful and fabulous in the fashion style you like.

The garments:

We have dressed:

The Pringles

The Pringles

Hi Maria! These fit perfect!!! This pic is from our photo shoot. Originally you can see full body but this app only allows me to send square. Best, Yuki

Aisha Khan

Aisha Khan

Lily Moe2

Miss Lily Moe

The dress arrived, fits perfect and looks amazing! Thank you so much! I cant wait to wear it on stage!

Viva was great! And the dress was amazing! so comfortable and perfect for the stage 😀

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